“[] has develop[ed]... what experts describe as one of the most profitable trading robots in the market today....", 25 July 2013, The Wall Street Journal, Market Watch. Source:

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Humans to be Outsourced by Robots?Edit Analyst Sites Record Year... and Record Profits!; "... Algo Capital ( has develop[ed]... what experts describe as one of the most profitable trading robots in the market today...."Edit

NEW YORK, July 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Will humans soon be completely outsourced by robots in the trading of stocks, commodities and foreign currencies?

"Not so fast," says James Roth, a senior analyst at Algo Capital in the United Kingdom, which runs the website As one of the most successful algo trading platforms in 2012, Algo Capital's name has become synonymous with algorithmic trading, the trading done automatically by computer programs. During an exclusive interview, Roth explains that for algorithmic trading to be successful, it requires expert human analysis and supervision.

The proportion of algo trading in the market is growing fast. In 2006, one-third of all trading in stocks in the United States and Europe was generated by such automatic programs or robots. In just three years, however, that number is up to 73% of all volume in the US equity markets.

At the London Stock Exchange, more than 40% of all orders were generated by robots in 2006. Today, that number is as high as 70%. In foreign currency markets, nearly 45% of orders are driven by automatic programs designed by humans but automatically executed by robots. In futures, bond and option markets, the proportion of algo-trades is also on the rise.

"It was not always that way," says Roth. Algo Capital (, one of the most successful algorithmic traders in 2012, has invested heavily in the past years in developing what experts describe as one of the most profitable trading robots in the market today.

"The computerization of the trading in financial markets began in the early 1970s," explains Roth. "An important milestone of this process was the New York Stock Exchange's 'designated order turnaround' system, also known as DOT. This system was the first to send electronic orders to the market in the US."

In 2001, a team of researchers at IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) in the United States published the experiments they had conducted showing that their algorithms were able to consistently outperform human traders. This gave the industry a push that further attracted participants in the financial markets to algo-trading.

"Machines can react faster to new data, and they have no emotions when reacting. This helps to explain the success of algo-trading and its better performance," says Roth.

When it comes to speed of thought and processing data without emotional hindrances, many experts agree that computers can be more effective than humans. However, Roth believes that their success in ago-trading depends on the development of the most precise algorithms, and the integration of these robots with human supervision.

"The competition is fierce," says Roth. "We are constantly modifying and improving our algo-trading robots to stay ahead and improve our results." This process involves the best computer brains and experienced traders in the business.

And yet, for these robots to be successful, they still need human expert traders to supervise them. "At the end of the day, robots will never be able to completely replace human traders. There are aspects of the market that only humans can understand," adds Roth.

"But the combination of split-second market analysis and decision making by the robot along with our human traders' experience and expertise has proven an unbelievably successful combination."


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Does forex robots realy worksEdit

I found several search results about a product called Algorates invest. Did anybody out there really make money out of it without losses as  guaranteed? Are the Forex brokers cooperative enough to allow us to redeem our funds?

My Answer - Edit

First, you should know that Forex is not that easy. Do not believe those who may say it is!
There are some good robots & Algos that MAY help you. Some are scam. Others are for real.

Simply put, a Forex robot is a program that attempts to take the guess work out of trading currencies. Currently there is a lot of information floating around the internet about these products. Like any other tool, it needs to be used properly in order to be most effective.

Like I hinted, in order to use this tool the right way you need to understand a little bit about how it works and where it is best applied.

A Forex robot is a computer or computer program that monitors currencies and does calculations to figure out the best time to buy and sell. These programs help to take some of the guess work out of buying and selling and can help a trader to identify currencies that meet certain criteria, or when certain currencies perform in certain a way. Most of the selling points of Forex robots state that you can simply set them and watch the cash come pouring in. While in some cases this may work, in most cases you are going to need to carefully monitor the program and make sure that it is adjusting to trends in the market. While they can be very profitable they may require a certain amount of intervention to be run effectively. Used properly, and if you have the patience to get to know the programs, they become a powerful tool.

For this automatic approach, forex Algorates invest has worked wonders for me: It offers, among other features, high spread protection system and automated risk scaling. They say "95% winner". Well, only the bottom line counts. In this regard, it has really delivered for me.

I had been watching the forex robot market for months, waiting for the right software to come out. I believe I have found a great one.

The current situation has no impact on making more or making less money. When you trade currencies, you sort of compare the 2 currencies. You always assume that one will go up or down vis-a-vis the other one. So what is critical to make (or lose) big, is VOLATILITY. Simply put, volatility is the range in which a currency floats in a given time. The wider the range, the bigger the opportunity to make or lose a lot.

Really, get the fundamentals first. Then get your own system and test it offline (do that for weeks, if not months, until your system is well tested), whether you use a robot or not. It really takes a few months - a lot of patience and resilience. But if you are made for it, it is worth it. Read about the psychology of trading (never to underestimate). And then you should be fine.===Source(s):

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  1. John Lindsey16 July 2013 04:13

    I was a customer of last year. When my father died, I had to request the money back, and received it in 2 days. So, from what I can tell, this company is one of the honest ones in the business. Also, I made considerably more investing with them then I would have made in the stock market or with a bank. That's my experience.


  1. Dany Kash17 July 2013 06:25

    I am a customer for over two years in

Their staff very professional and I see regular profits for a year and a half consecutive

I think clearly that no other product on the market compare to this.


Replies #*Cindy Spring17 July 2013 06:54

I heard many of the above company does anyone has information What is the minimum amount of deposit them? It's really making waves this company, This is revolutionary from what i heard, Very interesting. Waiting for your answers.


  1. Al 'Abbas Fakhir Kassab29 July 2013 08:36

    Mind you, I'm really, really angry about this company AlgoRates

So much that I really frustrated them I have been trying for several months to invest some money  After I received excellent feedback from my friend I left my information and talk to them but they claim the fund and their employees a bit crowded now so I have to wait a few more weeks so they could take my money Are they really so unique? Sounds Pretentious to me.

الله العظيم


  1. Mitchell Watts29 July 2013 16:12

    I am a bit more disappointed than you are

I invested them three years ago about $ 74,000 And the system have yielded an annual return

Of approximately 23% each year only


  1. George McCorquadale28 September 2013 08:05

Are you crazy Mitchel Watts? Why are you complaining?

If I were making even 1/2 that (23%), I would be happy.

Today, the banks are giving 1-2%.  I have done alot of reacher on this, and they seem legit.  Algo trading with sophisticated software seems like the big thing these days. Until now only the big banks, hedge funds were using this kind of software, but according to the market results, has developed one of the most profitable and they are the only ones opening it up to smaller investors!  I'm on their waiting list to invest $50,000 Euros in the next fund which will open with them!  I hope I'll get in soon cause while I wait, I'm making 1.75% at the bank.


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