My Business Matches™ is an online tool that matches buyers and sellers based on common business categories. Corporations, associations, membership organizations and government agencies use our solution to create matchmaking events that match companies, schedule meetings (virtually and/or in person) and monitor any business relationships that emerge.

The purpose of the Business Matchmaking initiative is to match small businesses with government agencies, large business prime contractors and major corporations that have contract opportunities for products and services offered by small, growing companies and creating relationships for future contracts.

Goal Edit

The program's goal is to stimulate jobs and growth for small business by taking advantage of opportunities that are normally relegated to distinct geographical areas such as the Washington DC Beltway or the city where a major corporation is located.

Education & Counseling Edit

Business Matchmaking combines education and counseling by expert small business advisors and topical experts with networking and face-to-face procurement appointments through regional events. In addition to the regional events, the Business Matchmaking Online Network offers online education tools such as the Virtual Business Matchmaking Workshop, monthly educational "webinars," important downloads and links and in select circumstances, provide small business owners select access to buyers from government agencies and major corporations.

Sponsors Edit

Business Matchmaking is an initiative presented by co-sponsors SCORE and Hewlett Packard. Additional private sector companies provide co-sponsorship support throughout the year. Through the support of these organizations, Business Matchmaking is offered free to all small business participants.

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