Cardboard Box Games (Ltd.) is a small independent company, which is part of the video game industry and was founded by Joe Grist in December of 2011. They're currently working on two video games, one of which is available for download on the YoYo Games website, and has been downloaded over 500 times in the space of half a year. 

The First GameEdit

Joe's Mod was the first game developed by Joe Grist, the CEO of Cardboard Box Games. It was hugely inspired by the popular sandbox game Garry's Mod. The game was a test to see whether Grist was capable of creating a 2d version of the sandbox game.

Hoping to gain some feedback, Grist posted the game onto the YoYo Games website in early 2012, where it recieved positive responces, and large downloads for such a small and non-linear game. This eventually led to the founding of Cardboard Box Games.

Workings of a Second GameEdit

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