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It is easy to see that in recent years, pricing on technology related products have been driven downward significantly. Compare costs of flat screen T.V.'s, computers, GPS etc to what they were a couple years ago. I am curious as to the lag in some web design company's ability to reflect these advances in technology through their pricing. Small businesses should no longer be paying thousands of dollars annually in web page maintenance fees. This isn't to say that the final product of our competitor won't be a nice web page but you will be overpaying. Their pricing is a reflection of high advertising budgets, inability to obtain and close leads effectively, poor training and poor business model that is inefficient. Consumers end up paying the cost and the value is not there. At Contractor Web Pages we are not just web design people. We know and love search engines. We're also business and marketing experts. We will not only create a quality page, STANDARD & PLUS samples, but we will optimize your page for search engines and guide you through setting up a marketing plan to drive traffic to your web page. We are the whole package. Check out our contractor's blog for documented success.

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