How to completely program your subconscious and turn yourself into a “machine” that approaches any customer… anytime… in any place… without even thinking about it ?

Just choose a simple 12 word sentence to say in the first 3 minutes of an approach. It must guarantee a customer will listen to what you have to say.


Your objective is to get a decision in 8 hours on average. And that requires generally several appointments before making your business.

Example : a length of time of 1 week minimum and 4 weeks maximum before the second rendez-vous to deal with majors.


To be efficient, you must focus on 4 results : cheaper, simpler, faster and safer.

¥€$ exchange

According to the seduction community, decision making is a 6 steps process : you must successively respect handing, elbowing, holding, kissing, frenching, biting.

Source : wikipedia Seduction_community