Formally known as Electronic Liquid Fillers (ELF), our company changed its name to E-PAK Machinery, Inc. in 2001. Since it’s transition, E-PAK Machinery, Inc. still located in the same facility at 1535 S. State Road 39, La Porte, IN 46350, and continues to meet the needs of former Electronic Liquid Filling (ELF) customers by providing innovative inline liquid filling solutions, parts, and service to former Electronic Liquid Filler (ELF) customers. Many of the employees that were employed with Electronic Liquid Fillers (ELF) still remain with the company but just under then name E-PAK Machinery, Inc.

E-PAK Machinery" Lyle Lucas, president of EPAK, works for the Financial and Administration department. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $17.5M and employs a staff of approximately 74.

Epak Macninery | Company History Edit

EPAK Machinery was established in 2001 and offers a large selection of liquid filling machines[1] that perform filling viscous and non-viscous liquids as well as foamy products. Our machines are of performing in food, sanitary, pharmaceutical, hazardous environments. We also pride ourselves on meeting your business needs by providing you with a machine that can fill very large to extremely small objects. Here at EPAK machinery we provide our customers with 24/7 service to answer any questions and trouble shoot any issues about their filling machines.

Today, the company offers any part or machine that gets the job done right.

- Liquid Filling Machines
- Capping Machines
- Labeling Machines
- Molten Product Systems
- Plugging Systems

E-PAK Machinery | External Links Edit

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