The term Enterprise is often associated to several similar meanings.

An enterprise can be a business, an organization, a company, and in general an outcome of entrepreneurship, i.e - assumption of initiative and risk by a person or a group.

Whether an organization or business can be described as an enterprise can usually be decided by the following indications:

  • Whether the business strategy is based around the results of various parts of the business - working as a team.
  • Whether or not the various business members identify themselves as the various units rather than the whole company.
  • Whether the business operates out of a common set of financial resources.
  • Whether the organization caters a variety of customers and success does not necessary require the customer to buy services from different parts of the business.
  • Whether the organization shares a common set of information and a joined database of metrics and data.
  • Whether there is a similar set of rules that goes throughout the company.

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