When it comes to choosing the right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software for a business, many things count. Small businesses with their unique and diversified requirements call for customer relationship management solutions different from their bigger counterparts. In general, web based solutions are the best options for SMBs.

Why Web Based Software?

There are many reasons. Web based solutions do not need any big initial investments; there is no need for developing and maintaining databases and servers. The systems come with all or even better features of big business CRM solutions and are extensively scalable without any serious additional investments. The systems are priced on per user per month basis which makes them a sound option for companies with very low possible CRM users.

There are many more advantages to count,

  • Web based systems are universally accessible with all features in tact.
  • Most web based CRM systems now have mobile and wireless editions and thus are accessible from almost everywhere.
  • When compared to on-premise systems, web based systems can be always updated and integrated with the most recent features.
  • When it comes to SMBs, web based systems are more secure as the providers use highly efficient anti-viruses, timely backups and other security measures to ensure data security.
  • Fixed charges constitute another advantage. There are no hidden costs or maintenance requirements. You can be sure about your budget.
  • Digitalization of all data, easy to shift from one provider to other, getting custom add-ons, better integration with other web based applications.

Be Sure to Find the Right CRM

Now there are a number of web based CRM systems available which differ greatly in accessibility, customizability, features and pricing. Be sure to find the right CRM software for your business. The right strategy should be to first know your requirements and then find the solution that best meets them.

Generally, a small business CRM should have features such as mobile edition, customization, sales management and workforce management tools, good communication methods, excellent database support and good timely customer service. Additional features to look for are support for new applications, SaaS support and distinct features. Check out the free CRM trials offered by different providers.

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