Joel Landau is a highly energetic and dynamic business leader with a proven record of success. This New York based entrepreneur and visionary in the healthcare industry works toward improving and enhancing the healthcare delivery system, offering a unique combination of management expertise and dedication to excellence. Joel Landau is known for his commitment in leveraging well-grounded healthcare operating experience and industry knowledge to develop solutions that lead to improved health care quality and access.[1]

Over the years, this visionary leader and entrepreneur has proven to be a key factor to satisfying the complex needs of the healthcare market, putting to use his innovative and practical approach. In order to create trust and collaboration, while improving the health of his community members, Joel Landau has become actively involved in his community, fellow members and their families.[2]

His consistent success in introducing and applying technology that helps managed care companies achieve healthcare efficiency and efficacy has made him a sought-after speaker at various conferences and industry groups, where he presents and discusses his innovative approaches, and shares his accumulated knowledge and industry insight with aspiring entrepreneurs. In addition to all of this, Joel Landau also promotes charitable causes, invests time and resources and helps with their promotion.

Joel's commitment in Allure Care Edit

Joel Landau Presents The Allure Group01:43

Joel Landau Presents The Allure Group

References Edit

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