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History Edit

Karl H. Boddin Chemiehandel GmbH was founded by Karl Heinz Boddin in 1991 and is involved in the global supply of raw materials for industrial users.

From 2009 onwards the company’s activities have been enlarged by production facilities located in Asia.

Focal point Edit

The supply of raw materials to industrial end-users in the field of

  • Chemical products
  • Chemical intermediates
  • Pharmaceutical intermediates
  • Animal feed additives
  • Food additives
  • Raw materials for cosmetics
  • Oleo chemicals

Core activities Edit

  • Raw material supply
  • Distribution
  • Trade
  • Production
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Customs clearance
  • Outsourcing
  • Research
  • Single Sourcing

Major industry segments served Edit

  • Adhesives
  • Agrochemicals
  • Antifreeze
  • Basic chemicals
  • Chemical intermediates
  • Cleaning agents
  • Colors
  • Cosmetics
  • Custom & Contract synthesis
  • Fibrous materials
  • Flame retardants
  • Flavors
  • Feedstuff
  • Fine chemicals
  • Food
  • Fragrances
  • Foundry supplies
  • Electro plating
  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Intermediates
  • Lacquers
  • Lubricants
  • OLED chemicals
  • OPC materials
  • Paper
  • Pesticides
  • Pet food
  • Pharmaceutical intermediates
  • Photo chemistry
  • Special oils
  • Synthetic resin

Quality standards (as of September, 2011) Edit

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
  • GMP+ B3 (2007)
  • HACCP-Konzept (according to Codex Alimentarius)

Prime regions of sale Edit

Prime regions of sale are Europe and North America.

Prime sourcing regions Edit

Prime sourcing regions are Europe, Asia as well as the Americas.

Weblinks Edit

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