Entering the corporate world in 1988, Luther Ragsdale managed to build his way up. Conquering every obstacle on his way, he did everything in his power to write his own success-story, and by the age of forty he was already a multi-millionaire. His strong will and determination are also reflected in his coaching style. Sharing his knowledge and experience on real estate, wealth management and business development, so far he has trained more than 35,000 people.

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Luther's wealth building systems and coaching products for licensed real estate agents have also brought him a lot of recognition. Ragsdale is the author of several bestselling books and coaching systems, and serves as a host and director on his TV Program “Wealth Building with Luther Ragsdale. The show was aired for over 10 years. During that time he got to coach and mentor thousands of people, teaching them how to build wealth by investing in real estate.[1]

Mr. Ragsdale has inspired many real estate agents, investors and clients, putting them on the road to financial freedom and success. Throughout his career he has reached remarkable success in almost every area of real estate business, launching his own brokerage firm, and having personally bought and sold over 100 million dollars worth of real estate.

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