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Interaction Martrus

Business Process Model

Martrus Inc . was founded in 2009 to envision an integrated commercial process between companies in a upcoming digital world.  The internet creates an unparalleled increase in productivity which will surpass the Industry Revolution in all sense, giving small and medium size businesses to interact across the globe in a standardized mode.

Product transaction is the most elemental component in a business interactions, a primary component, the atom of commercialization that ignites a wealth process. The product transaction appears in few specific forms like price quote, withholding or purchase order. Independently of nature, with customers or supplier, with business entities or non profit organizations, or with business entities and government.

Martrus, understanding this dynamic created a series of simple processes that enable small and medium businesses to interact with each other in a transactional mode, to increase commercial productivity on both sides, seller and buyer.That interaction process takes place in a common marketplace where suppliers and buyers meet in a public or private instances to trade products and services  .

Board of DirectorsEdit

Luis Crocchi , Managing Director

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