SmartLipo directories provide detailed information about the procedure and lists plastic surgeons who offer the service in the US.

Cynosure Inc. has harnessed the advantages of laser technology to bring about a minimally invasive procedure known as SmartLipo for attaining perfection in body contouring. The company which develops and manufactures aesthetic and medical treatment systems is credited for introducing the first laser lipolysis system which ruptures fat cells with the least amount of bleeding, bruising, trauma and post-operative downtime.

People with excess fat deposited in various parts of the body and those with loose skin have benefited from this groundbreaking technology. SmartLipo is appreciated by plastic surgeons who earlier found it arduous to treat areas such as the neck, jowl line, inner arms and inner thighs. The laser has the capability to penetrate stubborn fat deposits without much resistance from fibrous tissues and liquefy the fat for aspiration.

The treatment is painless because the size of the incision made is just about 1 mm unlike traditional liposuction where it was close to 10 mm. Skin tightening is achieved by treating the undersurface of the skin where bands that create cellulite and produce new collagen is broken up.

The patient’s recovery is exceptionally fast, especially because SmartLipo can be carried out under local anesthesia. Certain invasive procedures such as facelift may not be required if treatment is opted using the laser device. Traditional liposuction can also be combined along with SmartLipo if the necessity arises.

Prospective patients who would like to know more about SmartLipo and attain contact details of experienced plastic surgeons near their area would find online SmartLipo directories immensely beneficial.

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