Hello and thank you for reading my first blog. I am the owner of Cake web design in san antonio, texas. This blog entry is focused on bringing awareness to small business owners especially in san antonio texas about the importance and simplicity of creating and maintaining a successful website. At Cake Web Design our focus is working with small business owners both existing and new. If you already have a website for your business then a lot of the work is already done. All you have to do is approve a new design from cake web design and we'll do the rest. Taking your existing information we can build a website with a more pleasing and user friendly interface. This time we build your website keeping one thing in mind, bring in traffic or "Search Engine Optimization." Believe it or not there is a difference between a design with optimization in mind and one without. Of course content editing is a must, improving your web content is very very important, even though you might already have an about us page with information you should review it and make any changes necessary. The average cost of an HTML website without animation is $700. There are no monthly fees at all. You are given a hard copy so you can edit and also host it with whoever you like. I say this because there are website services where you pay a monthly fee for your website. You dont own the domain, actually usually it's just a page within an existing website (usually the one of the company where you bought it.) Alright, thank you for reading this. I look forward to submitting more as the days come.

John Castillo San Antonio Web Design San Antonio Web Design 210 618 9503

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