VetUK is a leading online retailer of veterinary medicine and pet supplies in the UK.Edit

Business HistoryEdit


Founded in 2005 the company was at the forefront of supplying consumers with access to products previously only available from their local veterinary practice.


Founder of VetUK, veterinary surgeon Iain Booth, graduated in 1996 from the Royal Veterinary College London.


Running his own veterinary surgery prompted Booth, MRCVS to realise that the constraints of normal opening hours, short consultation slots and medicines offered at inflated prices meant that many pet owners were not able to give their animals the level of care they need.


With his partner Dr. Lyane Haywood, a research scientist, Booth began a home business on eBay. The enterprise was aimed at enhancing the lives of a greater number of pets by offering owners access to his expertise and recommended veterinary supplies online, and at lower prices.

The business nowEdit


Still run by the family,their cottage industry has developed into a thriving online business with over 200,000 customers, fulfilling over 1,000 orders a day. Booth is now fulltime at the internet helm and has given up hands-on veterinary consultations to run the 16,000sft warehouse and manage VetUK’s team of employees in the North Yorkshire market town of Thirsk .

Vet UKoffers free expert information on the latest veterinary products and nutritionally balanced pet foods, allowing customers to make informed decisions on what to buy for their pets in their own time from the comfort of their home. Predominantly targeted at dog, cat and other small furry animal owners, the website also offers rapidly expanding equine, aquatics and bird sections. The ranges of products available are competitively priced, delivered door to door and are saving thousands of pet owners both time and money.

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